‘If I can do this, you can.’

 Apparently the first time I uploaded data to Geocodio was June 28, 2016, so that had to be the year I experienced my first customer interview with Michele. I wonked out on her about pulling in Census data.

Now, I’m the smallest of small time users until now because my products didn’t launch, but I’m building my third one and it looks like this bird will fly.

So, who did I track down to follow and emulate? Michele Hansen of Geocodio. What did I find? Her advice on doing Customer Research—a task which always made me melt down whenever I thought about it.

Her advice helped me understand that I’m actually excited to do customer research because I love talking about the problem with this product because I am receiving responses from people who actually feel the pain my product will relieve.

Maybe one day I’ll graduate to a gentle tone and simple questions, but until then I’m looking forward to culling the information I learn while talking to them.

Andrea Brice, Technical Head and Founder of Willowfinch