A toolbox to use time and time again

This book will give you:

  • Specific words, phrases, and conversational tactics to use to get people to give you helpful details
  • Full scripts to use in common situations, which you can use off the shelf or customize to your own needs
    • Product/problem discovery (“what should I build?”)
    • Prototype/landing page/feature feedback (“what do people think of what I built?”)
    • New customer feedback (“why do people buy and how I do get more people to do that?”)
    • Existing customer feedback (“why do people stick around and how do I find more customers with this well-served use case?”)
    • Canceled customer feedback (“why did they cancel and what do I need to adjust to attract fewer people with this use case?”)
    • How do ask people how much they would pay for something
  • Lightweight analysis tools that will help you quickly build your understanding of a problem and customer needs
  • Sample interview so you can hear the tactics and scripts interview in action
  • Guidance through common interview pitfalls and how to handle them