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“🤗…Michele Hansen’s preorder for “Deploy Empathy” is open. Michele is the founder of, which is, as the name says, a geocoding API. She does a lot of customer interviews for Geocodio, and previously she was a product manager for The Motley Fool, where she — you guessed it — did a lot of customer interviews. Anyway, she’s written a book (and she has a newsletter!) about customer interviews that will give you the feedback that you need for your product or service. I don’t do sponsored content here, and if you work on a product or are a consultant trying to sell a service, you need to read this book. Periodt. Benefits of the preorder is you get rough drafts of the book. Seriously, buy it.”

Francis Miller, “Helping readers navigate books more effectively with non-linear reading routes

“Most non-fiction books have an implied linear reading route. The author would generally like you to start at the beginning of the book and then read all the way through to the end.

However, this can be unnecessarily restrictive for many readers and not actually meet their needs.

A few authors have developed additional non-linear reading routes which allow readers to navigate books in alternative ways…

In the ‘Skipping Around’ chapter in her soon-to-be-published book on interviewing customers Deploy Empathy: A Practical Guide for Talking to CustomersMichele Hansen has identified the specific business problems that her readers might have and then suggests the most relevant content from the book for each of the problems.”

“The Long Game Podcast Episode 022: Buyer Personas Don’t Have to Suck! with Adrienne Barnes (Best Buyer Persona)”

“I can say, well, you mentioned this premise over here, can you tell me a little bit more about that? That ‘can you tell me a little bit more about that question’ is my favorite, and the most powerful. One that Michelle Hanson said – she’s about to release a book on qualitative question, customer development discovery. I think it’s called Deploy Empathy. That’s a big plug for her. I pre-purchased it. So I’m excited about it. She says if you’re hearing an emotion, so maybe your podcast interviewee is telling about a hard time or a challenge or something like that, to empathize with their emotions. So, ‘wow, that sounds like that was hard.’ or ‘that sounded very challenging. Would you mind sharing that experience more? Would you mind telling me more about that?’ Having that empathetic response where you’re validating their feelings, they’re safer, they’re more comfortable. You get me, now I’m going to open up a little bit more.”

The Design Insider, Digest #11

Book of the Week – Deploy Empathy by Michele Hansen: An excellent book that’s filled with tips and best practices that you can employ when talking to customers to get invaluable insights on their hidden needs, desires, and processes.

Punit Chawla

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“it’s kind of like what Michele Hansen is doing with the private podcast of her book, Deploy Empathy…”

Growing Software Podcast

“I just picked up Deploy Empathy…”